Review: Soap &Glory Off-Your-Face Cleansing Cloths

The Brand: Created by the brains I mean, skills behind celebrity-galore Bliss Spa in New York and at age 26 no less!, the go-getter and cheeky-name-loving Marcia Kilgore launched the brand’s iconic “Sexy Mother Pucker” gloss and blazed through the beauty/ body/ bath industry with more jaw-dropping products. “The Righteous Butter” body butter sells faster than YouTube beauty “gurus” can say “This month’s favourites” as Soap & Glory is slowly but surely expanding from it’s birthplace in Britain to the shores of the Far East and beyond.

The Product/ Experience: (From site) “A naturally exfoliating, non-acid, seaweed complex that’s exclusive to Soap & Glory™ – plus glycerin, and antioxidant-rich PEACH & GOJUICE™ extracts. They’ll wipe your skin clean of dirt and make-up, help to clear your complexion, and leave your face feeling fah-resh.”

• PEACH & GOJUICE™ (peach and goji berry extracts) – rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C
• GLYCERIN – to help skin feel soft and supple with a MICRO-EXFOLIATING SURFACE TEXTURE – just apply a little pressure!

I wanted something fuss-free and very simply, works. With. No. Allergy. Reactions.
I had previously tried (and hated due to allergy/ stinging sensations) of other cleansing cloths/ makeup wipes – Nivea, Neutrogena, Simple etc. to no avail. They did not remove my non-waterproof, fibre mascara/ eyeliners and left my face zinging due to the high percentage of alcohol and fragrance.

Raved by YouTubers, I decided to give this 10SGD per pack a go and picked up a couple from Boots in Bangkok whilst on business trip. Perfect for travel, the product was adequately sprayed with makeup-removing solution and worked quickly to remove my light, daily makeup. One sheet was effective enough for pre-shower cleansing and the best part? No stinging! The mild, powdery fragrance was also a welcomed relief, complementing the non-sticky and fresh feeling that each wipe provided.

Also noticed each wipe’s make is a not-too-thick spunlace, embossed specially to provide the micro-exfoliation the brand claims. Does help in mild, everyday exfoliating and leaving the skin feeling fresh.

Bottom line: A travel (or even lazy day) staple especially if I’m not checking in liquids for my Bioderma remover. (Review here)

The Packaging: I’ve seen several packaging for this variant but here I’m providing a snapshot of their latest; Standard wipes, plastic packaging – resealable plastic opening at front.
I like a more premium resealable opening with the 10-15SGD I’m paying but it’s a small price to pay for these effective wipes.

**Quick tip: After each use, place the wipes upside down so the next time you pull out a sheet, gravity would have helped pull the packet’s moisture to the top-most sheet, so each wipe is sure to be laden with the makeup-removing solution.

The Pro’s:
– Effective
– No alcohol – no allergy reaction for my sensitive skin
– Mild, appealing, powdery fragrance
– Non-sticky/ oily with no visible/ touchable residue
– Non-drying

The Con’s:
– Packaging (although standard) could be improved
– Accessibility (Boots/ UK stores/ Sephora)
– Price point but honestly, I’d repurchase due to its effectiveness.

BuyOnline / Local: Sephora
P.S/ Boots (those travelling to the UK/ Thailand) stocks these and are everywhere 🙂


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