Labels: Warby Parker

I first chanced upon Warby Parker on the WWW and was fascinated with their business model.
Good eyewear, good outcome – Simple (Almost all, 95usd a pair!), clean, fashionable, sustainable, socially responsible; 1 pair to the needy for every pair you purchase. What’s not to love?

But let me clarify, I am obsessed with tortoise-shell glasses. I love the vintage edge and their subtle elegance. The irony of its timeless beauty and how its colours complement my olive (I want to say, yellow) skin tone. Being myopic since 10, I grew to embrace this necessity-turned-fashion-accessory and have not once chose anything else other than my trusty, tortoise-shell rims.

Scouring the optical accessory market, it was tough to find an affordable yet stylish option and behold the birth of my love (and the death of my pocket) for WP and more WP.
Physically testing them out at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles, I was sold. The frames I have (Baxter) are still lens-less but soon, they shall be an addition to my growing collection.

Shop their growing collection here (Fall2014 available!) with my notable favourites: Durand & Finch.


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