Review: OPI’s

nailpolish nailpolish2

Did you know:
1) OPI stood for: Odontorium Products Inc
2) Originally a dental company
3) First trendy/ collection was 2003 – Legally Blonde 2
Nail varnishes known for its catchy names, wonderful pro-wide brush and 3-free quality.

23SGD (Metro/Sephora) 10SGD ( or TG Pgr MRT / 8.99 USD (Online)


Packaging: Black screw top cap attached to a pro-wide brush with a clear body, showcasing a wide variety of hues from nudes to shimmers, glitters to shatters.


Usage: You’ll need 1) steady hands 2) 3 strokes on each nail – 1 on each side of the nail and 1 in the middle  3) seal the tips by painting horizontally across the end of your nails to seal the colour and have longer lasting nail polishes – great against tip wear!
This is my go-to nail varnish although I also love Essie for some of their beautiful colours.
I stick to versatile colours like nudes, taupes, dark reds but also enjoy the occasional pops of colours and glitters.

Product Loves: Although an average and a hefty 10SGD per 15ml bottle, I have had bottles lasting me more than 5 years and counting now.
Nothing gets old with a quick revival drop of this saviour. (A little goes a long way)


1) 3-free – Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene-free!
2) Crazy spectrum of colours
3) Witty names for most of its collections
4) Lasting power and opacity

Product Qualms:
1)15ml at 10SGD is pretty pricey especially if you have a slight problem like many I know (;
2) Smoochiezz sell them more affordable but some batches have had moulding cap issues and some colours are quite off when swatched

If Sephora sold them cheaper I’d stock up – otherwise close favourites that are easier on the pocket are the trusty 2.90SGD face shop polishes that last and last!
I’ll post my swatches and “collection” reallll soon.



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