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 Fashion & Celebrities
. NYFW/ PFW/ LFW/ MFW/ TFW, abbreviations, technical names and design houses’ names. So many, too many and for the us out there who are not immersed in the realm of high fashion 24/7, it gets tough! Always wanted to know, once and for all, the real pronunciation for YSL instead of just saying it quickly (and softly) and hoping no one picks up on it; Brilliant “cheat sheet” here by Harper’s Bazaar (Image credit).

Couple of my favourite labels elaborated here:
Proenza Schouler
pro-en-zuh skool-er

On a separate note, Dailymail documents the shock of a Dr. Oz Jr. naming her kid PBJ for short. Provides such a chuckle but the audacity fuelled by entitlement, these celebrities!



 E-Reads. A handful listed here for your perusal.
Aside from those (not so readily, by experience) available in hard copy that I would indulge almost 2 meals worth of money on, I’m starting to enjoy the convenience of e-reads especially pictorial ones on fashion that I may not necessarily want to keep hard copies of.
Just renewed my iTunes app store subscription for Glamour US/ UK for those weekend reads; more affordable for the pocket and sustainable for our Earth!

Frankie / Kinfolk / Peut-etre / Refinery (Almost, almost!)/ Glamour

ealthy Eating. For those close and dear, will know I am attempting to eat healthy and trying my utmost to adhering to a less meat, fish only diet. Particularly trying especially after being a proud medium-rare, dripping steak lover for as long as I could chew. If it could be better for my digestion, it might almost be good enough for me to give it a shot. Here’s to more quality cuisine and less toxic in our lives!


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