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Interesting Reads. Off the usual threads & knacks related track but still relevant for the practical minds.

1) Singapore – GDP to reach USD77M in 2020 but oldest average age of multi-millionaires and their typical demography.  Familiar reminiscent of how and why the mega pull of the finance industry in Singapore exists. Afterall, it grew 163% from 2008 and contributes to 23% or so of the city-state’s multimillionaire population.
2) More on SG finances and the bubble we may very well be living in.

 Where are they now?
Child actors’ journeys. I confess – and please do not pretend you have not either, but at 1 point of your life, or mine… I grew up with the Olsens. Full house Michelle, Two of a kind Mary-Kate & Ashley storybooks, merchandise, movies, tv series the list goes on. This Vogue article explores the more grown-up story of the Olsens; their retail and clothing vision and mission and how the billion dollar business at the enviable age of 27 is only set to grow further from here on. (“The Row at the luxury end, Elizabeth and James as the bigger contemporary slice, and Olsenboye, accessibly priced for teens, which reaches the mass market in partnership with JCPenney.”) Loving how the duo are not afraid to get their hands dirty in the fashion industry, and continue to be ever-grounded, steering clear from the nonsense-ville image that some celebrities are drawn to.


Lifestyle Changes. Did you know: Walks in natural settings promotes productivity and creativity? Theory supports that it steers us away from distractions that otherwise interfere with deep thought! This was such an interesting article about rituals of great artists and thinkers! (“Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration And Get To Work“)

Gastritis was always a downfall of mine; hindered happy dinner plans and the better appreciation of the more than mere sustenance. It was also linked to my poor snoozing health, which made my P.M.s seem longer than I cared for and my fuse shorter than I intended. Complementary to yoga practices and a clean diet to make my digestive tract a happier one, I have patterned meditation into my pre & post sleep routines – lasting 10 minutes each time. It was such a struggle to embrace a steak-free diet and deliberate stillness of the mind but after just 2 weeks, I’m dreaming a whole lot less and actually sleeping much more! Perhaps a walk or two a day will be ordered from now on…


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