Recipe: TGIF Pasta




In my opinion, comfort food takes two form: Unpretentious, piping broth and pasta.

Pasta of penne (for only needing a fork and less clean up’s after!) or tagliatalle (for al dente goodness) with fuss-free, childhood-like tomato based of any kinds or the little more sophisticated white-wine alle vongole.

We have been making this pasta and indulging in the wine in between, which the recipe calls for anyways.
Comfort food after a long week and well-deserved winding down with loved ones.

Ingredients: (Serves approx. 3)
1/2 cup medium sized onion – chopped to pieces
1 cup of fresh, white button mushrooms – chopped to pieces
1.5 cups of cherry tomatoes (ones with stalks are sweeter) – halved/ quartered
200g fresh, ground beef
1 can of tomato puree
1/2 glass of wine (Chianti here for drinking purposes too :D)
(You gauge and consult the tummies involved) Pasta of your choice
Fresh parmesan
Seasoning to taste

IMG-20140103-WA0034 IMG-20140103-WA0035

On high heat, add a little olive oil and your onions – wait till slightly discoloured
Add mushrooms (they will sweat, so do not add water)
Cook thoroughly till mushrooms soft and onions transparent.
Add tomatoes and ground beef – Mix!
Season with salt/ pepper/ herbs to taste. (We like parsley and oregano and sometimes fresh basil; store-bought italian mix herbs works well too)


Once beef looses its red and tomatoes slightly mushy, add puree and stew on small/ medium heat till bubbling, stirring occasionally.

Pour wine directly in pan (or in can first to save the last bits of puree) after bubbling is seen



Mix with your pasta of choice and serve hot with some (or a lot!) fresh, grated parmesan.
So simple and can even be a 1-pan-does-all dish if you cook the pasta first.
We gobbled this so quickly, the end-state was not pictured – sorry!

Happy Weekend!


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