Review: Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

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I confess I may have a slight problem with hoarding make up of natural/ nude palettes. It would not be such a bother if I actually used them but anyone close will lament that I barely break out a make up brush and the extent of experimenting on my facial canvas are barely-there cover-up’s, occasional winged liners and mascara’s. Very fuss-free, simple but to be honest – Cannot be bothered.

In my box of “new make up goodies” I sheepishly unearthed 5 tubes of bold lipsticks from luxury cosmetic houses; Because they looked amazing on those models and I confess I became one of the many suckers that succumbed to media and marketing. My weakness thus extends to lip products and my stash of lip balms alone would be enough to keep the suckers on the formidable giant octopus (like on National Geographic) sweet and slick for the next decade.

Didn’t stop me from purchasing 3 tubs of the subject-mentioned goodies because I swear by them every. single. night. So, here goes:

ProductNuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm
Active ingredients of: Honey, Plant Oils, Shea Butter, Grapefruit Essence
15g jar for >20SGD (Watsons) / 16 USD (Online) / 7 EUR (Paris)

Packaging: Matte/ frost tiny jar with a white screw on cap – Packaged in individual carton boxes.
The quirky nerd in me loves the sound the cap makes when it comes into contact with the weighty jar.
Expensive equity going on here with glossy fonts and quality of packaging but travels (and drops) well. Tried and tested (:

Usage: You’ll need 1) a finger 2) very little force 3) sweeping motion over lips 4) a tissue to clean your finger after or a little tip if you tend to have dry cuticles like me 5) use leftover balm as moisturiser for cuticles
This is my go-to lip balm for night time especially in the harsher climates but even for Singapore, humidity still means I need this to keep my lips moisturised for the 8-9 hours each evening.

Product Loves: With the “1 is sold every 28 seconds worldwide” claim, I have put the product to the test both in the dryness of the Italian alps and the sticky humidity of Singapore.

1) Product claims on track: Night balm before bed – leaves my lips smooth and supple in the morning when normally it’d be puckered and dry
2) Gentle formulation that is not pigmented and does not cause me to break out in allergies (Many dermatologically-tested ones have caused my lips to swell or caused eczema)
3) Inexpensive and effective compared to some brands I will steer clear from always. As a scent-sensitive person, I also love the mild scent of honey and natural herbs. Nothing pungent, overly artificial nor nauseating.
4) Not goopy in texture; instead feels like raw, dehydrated honey – Stays matte on lips and a little goes a long way.

Product Qualms:
1) With all balms in tubs/ jars – hygiene is an issue but since I use it nightly with clean hands right before bed, isn’t a huge issue.
Can see it becoming one if I had to lug it around for day usage (Where to stick – or unstick – my finger after?)
2) Slightly pricey compared to my trusty korean Vaseline but has the best lasting effects at night for me to warrant the re-purchase
3) Also in terms of finances – significantly cheaper in Paris/ France – also means stocking up when you travel
4) Not everyone will love the heavier texture of this lip treatment if you generally have luscious, supple lips

Tried it? Love it/ Hate it? I know this will be with me for many years to come!


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