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 Bar Necklaces. They may have been “approved” by celebrities as mentioned on WhoWhatWear but Etsy vendors such as the E&E Project have been selling variations of them for ages and for more than a smidgen less. Appropriate for work, play and everything in between. (Pictures linked)

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 Childhood: Quentin Blake. Childhood consisted of 4 books per public library card and multiply that by Dad’s, Mum’s, Grandmum’s, Granddad’s, Aunt and yours truly’s; 24 books per week, which also meant Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl played main roles in shaping my imaginations. Welcomed imaginations, as I lapped up their words, illustrations respectively. Often synonymous with Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake’s characteristic and reminiscent illustrations (Remember The Witch or Matilda, anyone?) are such heartfelt reminders of my childhood – I’m quickly jumping on the bandwagon and laying my hands on the maestro’s latest celebration of his passion (buy here) after having him lent his talent in more than 300 books till date.

P1090817 P1040186

 Life. Recent sunsets and lessons learnt that will be etched in this memory space for a long time coming.
As cliché as it may sound, events have put into perspective that every waking moment should be cherished and made positive with your ability as a being. More updates on overdue travels and life’s moments coming right up!

Happy Friday, all!


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