Furry Friends

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A big part of our lives revolve around our furry companions. Both A and I love a good cuddle with our four-legged best friends and have unconditionally reciprocate their affectionate licks and sniffles for years and years on end.

Dutiful allies, no matter what, we are delighted the fashion industry have married our love of the both to enjoy their company always.

1. Check out Anthropologie’s amazing campaign of Paws & Claws
2. While we’re at it, if you reside in sunny Singapore, be sure to check out Suds & Scissors!
From food to fun and everything in between, these animal-lovers with years of experience are living their dreams and pampering our deserved pooches one snip at a time.

Suds & Scissors
No. 7 Jalan Bingka
Singapore 588902
contact number: 64681904
email enquiry: hello@sudsandscissors.com.sg

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