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Porcelain wares. One day when I grow up, I would love for a kitchen cabinet stacked full of these quaint and delicate wares. I’d display them proudly upon my foreboding, rustic, unfinished teak common table that floats in the dining space. It will be littered with combinations of scones & flavoured clotted cream and cheese, dark grapes and dried apricots. And there shall always be tea. One day, some day..

Credit 1/ 2

Hilarious Youtube videos. Morbidly entertaining but ‘fess up.. I laughed and it made you too.

Emmy’s 2013. Best actor for Big Bang Theory, Best comedy for the fourth year running, gowns after gowns of gem-hued lace and pleats… Cheers to the many winners and People.com for always being my source of Hollywood star treks and information fuel!

P.S/ Is that truly Alec Baldwin’s 17-year-old daughter?!


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