Colours: Silver + White

Clean, clean, clean. There is something just so captivating about an outfit in white.
Definitely reminiscent of childhood and tropical beaches, happy wedding occasions and forgiving to the peppering of colour and texture in an outfit.

Piecing together this inspiration board with a tinge of silver to break the potential monotony for some and injecting the clean lines with a touch of luxury for others (;

Happy Mid-Week!

3 Owls Decoration – ZGallerie
Mini Skort – Etsy (Zara Dupe Alert!)
Lace Tissue Tee – Aeropostale
PS11 – Saks Fifth
Dinnerware – Kate Spade/ BedBath & Beyond
Crackle Ballet’s – Pret-a-Beaute
Owl Bookends – ZGallerie (Have been eyeing these bookends for ages now)
Hippe Bookends – Serena and Lily


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