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 Illustrations. Talented individuals with the knack of reigning their creativity within the boundaries of being accepted by the general public (who aren’t blessed with a certificate from St Martins’ or New School). Yours, Roxanne‘s pieces have that strange, rustic feel that embodies the carefree, adolescent spirit yet are able to tell stories. Another love is Jilln; unspoilt, inspirational and peeks into her world (here) will warrant sighs of awe and content. You’ve been warned (;


 Reads. Unassumingly good reads with interesting insights are abundant on the WWW and these are just a few that stuck.
Chanced upon them these weeks and thought I’d share just a couple – The Ideal Praise-to-Criticism RatioThe Island Where People Forget To Die.

P.S/ Also sharing “What Katie Ate” that I have been drooling over.. If only creative, healthy eats in Singapore were more affordable and accessible.

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 Making Memories.
Sipping teas with friends and coffee with loved ones. Crafting Japanese edible candies and exploring different parts of Singapore.

Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
I am learning to embrace memories and moments each day and committing to memory that you shall only be gifted once.. so, live life.

Happy Mid-Week!


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