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The Pantone Project. So genius and so true – Paul Octavious and his brilliant idea of photographing his everyday colour-filled world!
We often take that for granted but being bespectacled has altered me to treasure the clarity of sight a lot more than before! Cheers to colours and appreciation!

Photo Source

Bits, bobs, odds, ends. Lover and guilty of purchasing quirky, quaint, cute, kitsch… (well, so many adjectives only to convince myself and loved ones around me that it deserves to be purchased) stationeries, pouches, pins, figurines, coasters, candles (you name it, i want it!) wherever I go, these WWW finds made me coo and grin. Lusting over some and wishing I could lay my hands on others, what the world would be if crafts and quaint knick knacks would make the world a better place (;
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 Escapades + Friends. A compilation of random bits of weekends, almost-weekend drinks and weekday dinners with interesting finds and and even more interesting company. Here’s to everyday rings, knuckle rings, favourite shift dresses, drinks with friends, excellent branding, happy stomachs and brilliant concept bars!

Happy Almost-Weekend!


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