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This year changed my life.

On many occasions.. The words “all things happen for a reason” rang true but never truer than this year.
Only almost half a year has flown by but the learnings and takeaway from 2013 will be a bountiful one.

Stemming from the sharing of A’s sermon on Maundy Thursday and coupled with the strength and calmness I’ve nurtured through Bikram practice, I have actively and tirelessly fought to embrace crafted circumstances with timely reminders that we are never given more than we can bear and every being we cross paths with, no matter how unbearable they can be, are there reasons perhaps immediately inexplicable.

In these couple of weeks, I am elated to have had progress in learning from succumbing to the very traits I have come to frown upon – I found myself to not be quick to point fingers, broadcast the errors of others and pathetically criticise but instead, focusing on the positivity of remedy and the joy of improving myself. This year changed my life.

Happy Mid-Week, all!



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