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Alone Time
. A lot of people dislike alone time and growing up it was apparent in many individuals: that the mere thought of being alone would be horrifying. On the other hand, I, to a ridiculous extent, love being alone; truly believing that it allows mindful thought and reflection of yourself, matters and life in general.

Loving this article that elaborates the opinion of travelling alone.
Having had opportunities to travel abroad alone on many occasions, I concur the time spent wondering the streets of Paris, Brussels or even Shanghai alone – even at age of 19 – allowed me to grow in many ways and identifying what I like or dislike, realising what I can or cannot and enjoying the simple basking in contentment of decisions I have made and its gratifying fruitions.

Best part of the article? The writer sums it up so very appropriately: “People who depend on other people are often in hiding from themselves… It’s not for people who are apt to get anxious about the good times they could be having. Life is so virtual nowadays that people might spend their lives casually mourning a version of reality that can only exist elsewhere.”


Papier Art. With broad and equally impressive clients from (hold on to your seats) Bentley, Westfield to Godiva, Cadbury and Neiman Marcus, Russian-born Yulia Brodskaya has made an impact in the artistic realm. Refreshingly creative with her paper creations and illustrations, the UK-based artist has definitely created a following for her craftmanship of sheer brilliance.

And while we’re at it – more paper craft creations that made me ooh and aah-ed.


Scenes From Our Weekend. Enough said 😀 
Exciting on-goings that we’re thankful for but also appreciative of everyone who has been so patient with us as it is a tall order juggling so many things at once!

Happy Week ahead, all! 


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