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Knick-Knacks. Personalised snail mails, crafty pieces and creative what-have-you’s. Some of the little things that I live for and love to acquire/ get my hands on. In my mind, the ideal holiday would involve settling down after a languid, hearty breakfast and being wholeheartedly engrossed in crafting. These pieces are making it hard to resist!

Personalised snail mail | Stamp-a-Craft (Anything!) | Snail-mail Stickers | Personalised Cards

Quiet Time. Personally, quiet time or mindful thought is a big part of my life – to the extent that I unabashedly enjoy it and how it clears your mind and allows one to do a little self-reflection. This was also when I learnt that as a person, I rather enjoy observation than participation.
Having had sessions of
yoga that enforced 90 minutes of quiet time, just channelling your concentration to your individual actions and learning about mind over body, patience, humility and dedication; eliminating our very human nature of comparison and distraction. (Bikram, well, I could do a whole post on it)

The NY Times explores the realm of mindful thought – benefitting both cognitive and even vital functions.

When we learn to unitask, to think more in line with Holmes’s detached approach, we may be doing more than increasing our observational prowess. We may be investing in a sounder mental future — no matter how old we are.

Amen – I challenge you to read the article – Read it for food for thought.

IMG-20130505-WA005  IMG-20130505-WA002
Eateries Hunt. 
Loving the weekends that have brought friends closer – over the indulgence of grubs from eateries (and dessert places) in Singapore.

Happy May, everyone – it is going to be an exciting month! (;


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