Gifting: Mum

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The relationship should be a special one. It needs to be a special one – after the 9 months of carrying and nothing less than a miracle that allowed a life to be born from the love of two.

Although mums will not be expecting anything and gifts may not be a true reflection of our admiration, love and respect for the special lady in our lives; let it possibly be an inkling of appreciation and awareness from us to them.
Because we understand their needs, wants and desires and in our little ways, yearn to spoil them – now that we can (;

Break out those comfy shopping flats this weekend – or fastest fingers first!

P.S/ Martha Stewart (bless her brain + creative team!) always has fun things on her site – here speaks about fun DIY gifts.. the sort that mums would love from her babies.

1. Sewing Set for DIYs together | 2. Storage Cushion for the many keepsakes through the years | 3. Dainty Bracelet as a timeless, staple | 4.  Fluid Blush because it looks amazing | 5. Brow Pen – must have’s for my mum | 6. Leather Carry-All for shopping trips | 7. Matching, comfortable-as-death Flats for mother & daughter  | 8. Gift Card with a sprinkle of sparkle | 9. Scented Candles to warm the soul | 10. Moisturiser – The key to graceful ageing


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