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Coffee & Coffee Art. I’m not a big fan of caffeine since I can list, at the top of my head, enough reasons for me to frown upon them – but these are some extremely enjoyable coffee art – yummies for the tummies (for some) and the eyes!

And some coffee fast facts:
Did you know Starbucks opens an average of 2 stores per day, everyday, since 1987?
Did you know coffee is the second-most traded agriculture commodity in the world? 
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Global Mum Relay. This is an interesting cause that I only found out through work one day – Click to learn more. One of my resolutions this year or rather, to kick start from this point in my life is to give back. In tiny ways – simply paying it forward.

Start sharing today (#Globalmumrelay)- be it this or for other causes, charities and volunteering efforts.
Small actions may change lives – Three thumbs up.

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Weekends. Constantly in awe of life and the world I live in. Learning to not sweat the small stuff and embracing my surroundings, no matter what is being put in my path.

There is a certain peace in positivity (;
Happy Weekend, all!


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