Beauty Essentials

Blog Beauty EssScent – I’m a smell sort of person; being scent-sensitive is also a huge part of my pensive personality as I relate each scent to a memory, period, item and even person. Scientifically so since our olfactory bulb & memory-processing hippocampus are in loving neighbours. Never be able to live without a scent!
//Jo Malone & L’occitane roll-on for travel

Lip – Neutral lip always – and a big fan of hoarding balms (read lip therapy review here)
Recently dared to try Revlon’s lip butter for a barely there bitten lip tint :*
//Revlon Lip butters & Fresh balms

Eyes – Just a very light touch of liner when I feel like it; and I like it subtly winged.
Swear by my holy grail of fibre liquid liners – easily removable but impossible to find in Singapore; I stock up online/ from the US.
And of course, curling my lashes when i line my eyes. That’s all!
//Maybelline liquid liner, Shu Uemura eyelash curler

Brows – Must-do’s – I now mainly use the eyelash serum for my brows everyday (review here) and fill my brows – love them thick and natural.
//DHC Brow gel/ serum, Shu Uemura brow hard pencil

Face – Everyday concealer; I have been migrating from IPSA to Garnier just because they’re very creamy, light coverage and does not crease and 1/5 the price. Must-have’s also include L’Oreal’s UV Perfect Sunscreen in anti-dullness (emptying my 5th bottle!) and only on special occasions, a pinch of blush, which I alternate between the two.
//L’Oreal UV Perfect Sunscreen, Ipsa & Garnier concealers, Chanel & NYX blushes 

Must-do’s daily
Sunscreen, conceal, brow gel, brows, balm, scent!

Liner/ lashes (yes, these babies double up as my mascara – love them fibres), eyelash curling, lip butter

Blush & thicker liner


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