Travel: Jakarta

A heart-shaped Poifull jelly candy while we had unexpected encounters at the airport of our destination – An eventful beginning.

It was a much-needed girly weekend of good food, pampering and good company.
The Jakarta I visited when I was a little girl with my family has been banished in history and a far cry from the one that flourishes today. Always enjoyed Indonesian food but more so with the familiar, warm and hospitable company of girlfriends whom we have known for more than 10 years (;

To dreams & perspectives, laughter, happy tummies, friendships (new & old) and above all, to Charlie – who was with us most of the way 😀

We coincidentally donned our favourite ankle grazers… in Christmas colours.

P1020244   P1020270  P1020289
Common People, Kemang – Weekend brunch – Good coffee, ambience, eclectic collection of cutlery and charming company.

P1020290 P1020291
Island Creamery, Jakarta – Alam Sutera, Kelapa Gading & Kota Kasablanka
3 locations and 3 thumbs up for homemade sorbets and ice cream flavours like Rainbow!

We had our much-needed head massage and blowout to get ready for the night ahead.

P1020304 P1020306
It’s not a holiday without food – I had such good company who were always game to try everything including local, fermented desserts that are illegal in Singapore.

With our Indo tai-tai hair and all dressed up for dinner, drinks and partying (;

P1020308 P1020309
E&O – Ambience that made us feel like we were in NYC; mouth-watering Thai food complemented with red wine and peppered with endless, insightful conversations.

Staple breakfast menu – Heaps of Bak Mee tossed with ayam soup and chili please!

To satisfy the stomach before we start the day filled with more food, malls, massages and scrubs. Pampered Sunday.

Yummy Salak (or as I fondly refer – Snake fruit) that I cannot get enough of!

Can you tell who are the Singaporeans who chose comfort over being proper?

P1020326 P1020327
Traditional Javanese dolls – Skilfully hand-painted with intricate facial details.


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