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Milk & CookiesFrankie is in love with it, the Pinterest-world is in love with it, WE at Mustard & mint are in love with it. Especially when cookies come in such adorable (and no doubt yummy) form and when we serve milk in mason jars with patterned straws. Must-have’s after a long, long week of not-so-good’s! Definite perker, no matter (;

New Sites (DIYs + Fashion). 
House of Earnest was recently bookmarked by us girls at Mustard & mint as Erin creates and crafts pieces from inspiration that have definitely given us plenty to inspire to recreate. Couple more new sites that we have also come to love:
Saturday (by Kate Spade!): stunningly bright with the label’s signature oh-happy prints and statement designs that has opened its first concept store in Tokyo and will be loved by many more (very, very soon, we bet!)
& Other Stories (by H&M): Quirky, laid-back, nordic-esque style of more than just clothing items produced by marrying the brainchild(ren) of Parisien & Swedish ateliers. Yes, please!

P1020327 P1020317
The past weeks have been spent jetting for work and play, all while at my feeble attempt to get better with the terrible bout of early bronchitis ): Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming travel post on Jakarta, Indonesia where I spent a solid weekend of precious, pampered fun with my longtime girlfriends and a preview of a soon-to-be released blouse from Mustard & mint (;

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


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