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My favourite “make up” items to purchase would be lip balms. I embrace the natural look and strongly believe make up of any sort should only enhance and complement your features – Just a hint of colour but never piling on too much that wiping them off at the end of the day would shock the ones around you.

A mini review of the few notable balms I have tried –

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
(+) With natural oils, extracts, shea butter and rice wax, the Jasmine is my favourite of the range as it spreads on sheer and buttery but never sticky and moisturises for minimal re-application. Best part? The smell-person in me adores this caramel-scented and beautifully-packaged butter in a jar.
(-) It’s difficult to get the last bits in the jar packaging and is slightly costly in SG.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Balms  in Raspberry
(+) Used this when I was 14 and was in love with the scent and the slight tint it gives. Relatively fuss-free, inexpensive and a recently revamped artwork on it’s packaging!
Also enjoy that every little tub you’re buying promotes healthy bee-keeping and deters logging.
(-) Short-lived moisturising properties and a tad sticky for my liking.

EOS Lip Balms 100% Natural (Honeydew & Summer Fruit)
(+) 95% organic, 100% natural – these conversation starters made great little xmas gifts and have an addictive scent. Seen used by celebrities in Hollywood and highly raved in the world of Youtube, it is the perfect, non-sticky at all, inexpensive and healthy option.
(-) 2.99 USD but 10SGD in Singapore and not widely sold! It requires multiple application to maintain lip moisture and once the product is used up flat, it is extremely difficult to finish up ):

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments
(+) Claims to keep lips moisturised up to 6 hours after initial application – to a certain extent. Because I drink a lot of water, perhaps it’s not a fair judgement of the claim but it is extremely moisturising and the brand also carries various balms in a range of tints – even your signature red lip!
Main ingredient of sugar is a natural ingredient that locks in moisture; my lips are much softer after continued application. Perfectly-matte packaging with a twist-up, lip-stick-like applicator, the scent is also extremely alluring – nothing artificial but instead, fresh! and light.
(-) Expensive! I bought my lip trio when it was in a Christmas stocking stuffer set in the US – at other times in SG it is >20SGD at Sephora.

Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm
(+) One of the ingredients is cotton seed oil – a formula softener – this balm also has UVA & UVB properties …
(-) I really dislike this – it’s not your average drugstore/ pharmacy prices but more high-end and is a sticky formula with an absolutely abhorring scent. To me, that’s a fail no matter how moisturising it is.

Biotherm Aquasource Lip Gloss
(+) More a gloss than a formulated lip balm, it was amongst my first balms together with the Body Shop item mentioned above. I love that it is moisturising with an extremely shiny effect and a floral note akin to its Aquasource line. Also has SPF 8.
(-) A more expensive balm and more of a cosmetic than a lip treatment – it is also slightly sticky for my liking

Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream
(+) A great amount of vitamin E in each 6ml; an extremely light yet creamy formula for extreme moisture. It is a non-greasy formula that sinks right into your lips. Easy application with a squeeze-aluminium tube applicator.
(-) Slightly pricey given the 6ml – also don’t enjoy the small cap that comes with the tube and the underwhelming moisturising properties given it’s from Aesop.

La Roche Posay Ceralip Treatment
(+) I trust and love La Roche Posay and this lip treatment is promoted for extra sensitive and dry lips. This was highly recommended for sensitive skin, prone to allergies.
Appearing as a translucent cream it is extremely moisturising especially as a night treatment to get ultra-soft lips in the morning. Easy squeeze-tube applicator and also widely available at most pharmacies island-wide.
(-) Has a mild plastic/ medicated smell and is expensive at 29SGD per tube. Although for sensitive skin, I still had an allergy reaction to this and have since stopped using despite moisturising results.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balms & Shimmers
(+) One of my favourite lip balms – in an array of choices – scents, tints and types, Burt’s Bees strives to make truly natural products. Their anti-oxidant-filled lip balms are extremely moisturising, (your choice) slightly tinted and smells amazing.
It is not waxy nor sticky but leaves a moisturising layer to combat chapped lips for hours on end.
Best part, it is found at Sephora in SG but also drugstores in the US at an inexpensive price. Easy twist-up applicator with a lot of product for the price you pay and non-melt formula that lasts through Singapore’s humidity especially if you leave it in the car or in your bag.
(-) Only complaint would be the honey flavoured ones – the scent it has irks me but the other flavours warrant two thumbs up.
Tokyo Milk Iced Green Tea Balm
(+) I’m a complete softie for packaging so this, wins hands down. Superficially, at least.
Given as a present, this jar with its unique packaging awed me and is perfect for gift-giving. Also sold at Urban Outfitters, the balm contains sunflower seed oil, beeswax and lemon extract that gives a hint of freshness on your lips.
(-) Extremely sticky and slightly difficult to get to the bottom, the scent initially was fresh and inviting but graduated to become artificial towards the end of its use.

So, my holy-grail and repurchases would be the trusty Burt’s Bees and if I feel like pampering myself would be Fresh Sugar’s for moisturised lips!


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