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Kinfolk Magazine
Dedicated to celebrating the simplicity and intimacy of small gatherings. A relatively new kid on the blog for food magazines but pick up a copy and you’ll see why we’re obsessed. Part love for the physical gratification gained from caressing high quality pages adorned with mesmerising photography of the simple things, part obsession with clean lines, simple layouts of enviable stories – Kinfolk is a celebration of romancing the gatherings of life. Even sitting alone (the smallest of gatherings), engrossed in each volume (Volume 7 is an ode to ice cream!) inspires me to pace myself more often, sit, sip, sniff and smile a little – to appropriately appreciate a measured, considered life of heartfelt honesty and happiness.

Such an addictive read (ad-free! not unlike a book) albeit associated with quite a price (Approx. 30SGD) A definite keeper.
Pop over to a Kinokuniya near you or order here.
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 Clever Concepts. Concept stores seem to be the rage in Barcelona – brains behind “Eyescream” & “Happy Pills” have captured the hearts and tummies of many as they build seemingly simple ingredients – Taiwanese shaved “ice cream” and your average candy and gummies – around a clever concept to excite the masses.

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Blog 01Apr
Happy Weekends.
Indeed medicine to soothe the tired soul, especially when you’re spending quality time with the ones that matter (: More family time after this weekend that I’m looking forward to, definitely!
1/ Unplanned similar outfits + sandals! (; Spot on similarities from Mustard & mint
2/ Lovely darlings altogether
3-end/ Easter weekend – working weekends but Basilico brunch, hanging out, lots of happy florals and quality time.

TGIF, all – I’m off on a quick girlfriends’ trip with plenty of cream baths, nail sessions and lots of catching up ❤


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