Animal Photography

Are you wedged in a spot right now figuring out life and scratching your head over the right or left fork   of the path ahead? It seems silly to be pensive on certain things at times but more often that not many of us are actually not brave enough to chase our dreams nor to trust the passion that drives our interests; making them not just our interests but our full-time job. Perhaps even more so in our Asian culture as we rationally chase the well-trodden, practical path, yearn to fulfil obligations and park our true dream ships, because!

Not Sharon – as told to Joanna of “A Cup Of Jo“. Wedding turned pet turned animal photographer and here to stay – Sharon figured out along the way, a way, to transform what truly makes her smile into a full-time job (and a great print shop at that!) Read all about it here and be inspired to do what you love!

P.S/ While you’re at it – Read how Joanna started out scrimping in The Big Apple and stumbling from magazines to law school to where she ended up today – and happens to be loving every minute of it.

Dose of courage, everyone!



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