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Browhaus Salon. Incredibly cute branding for their (slightly pricey brow services) salon. I have been a loyal fan since before uni and am proud this local establishment (and owned by a fellow female from the same uni and course!) has made its mark in the world (Hello, Best of NYC 2012!)

 Spring/ Summer Slip-Ons. Remember my post on Keds? Just as I grew out of my Keds phase, in my late teens, I found the above photo of these 2 ladies and their happy shoes; Bensimon’s – and instantly fell in love with the look. Love how quintessentially francais they are and the practicality of canvases in the Spring/ Summer months for comfort and durability!


Almost-paradise on Earth. I’m back! And crispy to bits from the many dips and lulling in the ridiculously turquoise Indian ocean 😀 We spent so much time in the waters that in the evenings, I still subconsciously felt the ebb and flow of the tides!
Cannot wait for the next break already! More pictures on the getaway here!

TGIF, all!


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