Travel: Maldives

Waking up to an eight AM workout at the beach (; Greeted with low tides and partially submerged corals – Now, that.. is a holiday!


P1010875 P1020031
Picking heart-shaped corals when the ocean got rough!

P1010917 P1010927 Blog Maldives
Paddle-pop colours and untainted sunsets

P1020161  P1020005
P1010970 P1020066
All-day, everyday!

Watching the storm clouds roll in but reluctant to leave the ocean.

Our entrance, in the mornings, to unadulterated paradise
Essie’s orange pedi made for a good beach holiday choice – the sun glared off them and made them look neon most of the time, which in turn made me happy staring at them!

IMG_1064  IMG_1105
IMG_1079 IMG_1102IMG_1061 IMG_1116IMG_1224 IMG_1152
The paddle pop-ed coloured waters at sunset; friendly fish that tickled my feet
IMG_1216 P1020085
Bikram’s master pose at sunset (;

P1020110 P1020111 P1020119
Did you know, the Frangipani is found on every island of Maldives?
Clearly my wrinkly fingers are a tell-tale sign of the hours we spent in the water (;
Thus, the croccante-coloured skin!

Travelling should always be peppered with experiences that we keep in our hearts for a lifetime. We experience, we learn, we appreciate – we grow. Not just of places, spaces and cultures alike but more often that not, the very people we had the privilege of travelling with.

The days spent in the midst of the Indian ocean got me thinking about the beauty of nature and the little beings we are and the growing, unhealthy relationship we now harbour with our incessant obsession with smartphones, tablets etc. Guilty? I know I at times, I am, terribly.

Blessed to have had this getaway! Till the next time, beautiful atolls!

Source: All pictures by me!


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