Travel Duffle

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My escape from the real world this weekend will include a whole lot of shut eye, a couple of drinks and more than a dip or two in the luxuriously-tinged turquoise waters, off the Indian ocean.

Here’s a what’s in my travel duffle post because the OCD-me enjoys rolling up and packing things in it’s place, every once in a while (;

Happy Weekend, all!

Romper – Mustard & mint
Light-weight tunics – Zara / H&M
Happy, flowy tops – Mustard & mint / Vintage / A&F
Denim Cut-Offs – Pre-loved Topshop’s (DIY)
Swimsuits – FCUK / River Island / Speedo’s!
Sandals / DIY Flip-flops – Zara / Havi’s
Shades – Ray-bans
Bag for intimates
Bag for hygiene
Bag for facial/body care (Make-up free, ready!)


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