Fun For Your Hands

Blog Nail GridI love painting my nails and oogling at the shiny, jelly-like colours smiling back at me. Carefully manicured fingers and toes just make oneself look that much more polished and nail art, done tastefully, can be such a joy and even a conversation starter! I’ve had my fair share of crazy hues too – Mustard, yellow, neon pink, green… Which is a huge step for someone who only used to allowed nudes, pink and red tones on her fingers.

However, in my ideal world, my non-dominant hand would be as steady as its dominant partner and all nail colours would only be creme and shatter/ magnetic ones would never have seen the light of the Earth. (I’ve been recently told that I highly ressemble a Sith that only deals with absolutes đŸ˜€ )

Happy Friday, all! TGIF and let’s go get our nails done in a fun shade for the weekend!



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