Follow Me

When I was younger, “Follow Me” was the brand of shampoo I was using. I loved its smell and the jingle from the advertisements on television. Growing a little more, “Follow Me” made me think of the Sister Act song where Whoopi Goldberg would enthusiastically chorus with her sisters – this was also an appropriate song since I was in a convent growing up and a large part of morning assemblies were masses.

Now, “Follow Me” takes on a brand new meaning with photographer Murad Osmann, who shoots pictures of his girlfriend, always leading him by hand, to different exotic and iconic places around the world. It also does showcase his model girlfriend’s outfits and her incredible body (to say the least). What I love most is how they have had the opportunity to travel so extensively in such a short time to capture these images! Brilliant. And another epic way in which social media has worked its magic 😉




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