3 Thumbs Up

Clever Advertising. That is, Game of Thrones. Its clever ad for its season 3 premiere was printed in the New York Times this past Monday! The entire page was just of false articles – looks so real I bet a couple of people did actually look up in the sky 😀
On another note, I cannot wait to watch this long-awaited season after reading the books!

Google Glass + DVF. The label has always been a daring favourite when I attempt to mix feminine prints and holiday silhouettes with my staple palettes of blacks and neutrals. More so now as I’ve been reading up on the very fun Diane who not only believes in her passion and women but also in adapting and embracing the evolution of not just fashion but technology – #DVFthroughglass

And then, in steps Google Glass – revolutionary technology of taking a picture, video when you say it, navigating through streets with the road map flashed right infront of your vision, asking and getting answers immediately, translating whenever, wherever. Mind-blowingly amazing, Google Glass but of course at a cost of a whopping 1,500 USD this Spring, to a select few. Read all about it here!

P1010733 P1010736
Happy Birthday, Baby.
112 and still a pup! I will always love you even though you wake us up at 3am and yelp to be carried or to clean your pee (because you are a clean freak)… but sleep like a log come daybreak. I love you and will never stop taking silly pictures of you even when you’re knocked out! ;D


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