3 Thumbs Up

 Diet Coke’s 2013. Coke is a household brand; further exemplified by how children grow up yearning for “just a sip please, mum” of the gassy goodness.
In saunters Diet Coke in 1982, its acclaimed sugar-free AND calorie-free fizzy frère, perfect for the fashionable few in the body-conscious fashion industry. One of the Coca-Cola company’s most successful brands, Diet Coke, with its history of creative directors – Karl Lagerfeld (2011) and Jean Paul Gaultier (2012), the brand has appointed Marc Jacobs to fête its 30th birthday away!

Unfortunately, the designer’s works of “3 cans, 3 bottles and 3 advertising campaigns each referencing the eighties, nineties and aughts in terms of fashion” will only be available in Europe.
Nevermind though – at least we get to oogle at a fun, playful and youthful (He’s turning 50 this year!) Mr Marc Jacobs topless in a photobooth with his diet coke can.

 Prints, Totes and Things. Loving handmade knick knacks has been embedded in me since nineteen-oh-eighty-eight! I highlight that this has been nurtured to a certain extent because my silly mum and I each bought crafted doll pencils today to make penciling in appointments and jotting down notes a not-so-lonely and happier affair (: Also, I’ve been hooked on these cloth bags from Harvest Textiles and printing (the likes of the talented Leah Goren) – working on my very own potato-print cloth bag one day!

And yes, if I have any someday, my daughters shall play with handmade cloth dolls and clothes made by yours truly. So I can play too (;

IMG-20130224-01897 P1010384

 Weekend Fun. A good old Scrabble fun this weekend afternoon, just because. Still blaming myself for not sinking my funds on Bananagrams (excitedly hunting this down on Amazon, as I type!) and goofing around with my moulded set ;D

Good week ahead, everyone!


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