The Art of The Brick

lego portrait
Because I have a love-love-loveee relationship with Lego when I found out about the subject-mentioned exhibition, it was a must-do for me when it finally arrived in Singapore. It was a perfect treat for me as a child (and now too!) to spend hours creating structures, make-belief fortresses and even flower gardens from these blocks of pure danish joy!

P1010518 P1010521 P1010522 P1010523 P1010524
#OOTD? (;P1010526 P1010528
Very cool lego painting!P1010534 P1010543
My favourite piece – mosaic portrait – the colours are brilliantly executed and such joy captured!

lego portrait
Us being goofballs and making lego portraits! – Can you tell what was I doing? (;
P1010545 P1010547 P1010549 P1010553 P1010554
Lego butts! ;DP1010555 P1010556 P1010557
From now till April 2013 at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore, the exhibition features sculptures and art pieces made from just lego bricks by New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya (This is his biggest yet!)

Fun for both the young and old because it is not just a yawn-inducing showcase of art pieces in vast, empty halls but also has different sections that allow you to try your hands at being a lego artist! I particularly enjoyed how these sturdy blocks have been elevated to artforms and the idea that Nathan pursued his passion to share and showcase his talent to the world!

Learn more at the ArtScience Museum and go take a look today!


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