3 Thumbs Up

Blog Eggs
Breakfast Fun. 
More specifically – egg breakfast fun! Whether sunny side-up or hardboiled egg moulding – I cannot wait to get my hands on these or these for those fun, brunch times! (or bento boxes? ;D )


Multi-Tasking. Inspiring gadget, this is. Knit-a-beanie-while-you-rock rocking chair. I couldn’t leave this out of our 3 Thumbs Up just because it’s such a special idea that epitomises multi-tasking. The “Rock-Knit”, designed by the students at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland is such a novelty! Calling all gramps all around the world! You can now free your knitting hands and un-furrow those brows and just rock away in comfort.
Thumbs up for our beloved Gen for highlighting this (;

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