3 Thumbs Up

Every Month, Without Fail. 
“Le Parcel” is making it more bearable with a monthly shipment of tampons, pads, chocolates and other what-have-you-not’s! Lovingly packaged and shipped to your doorstep to put a smile on your face when the not-so-fun cramps hit you – I cannot believe there is such a company out there! Guffaws.

The Voice. I know I’m a little behind but you have to watch it to love it – Loving the concept of 4 talented musicians (Christina & her mutant lungs!) and not judging based on superficiality. I’m a little late but Mathai still has my vote and Adam Levine is growing on me ❤

IMG_1549 IMG_3052

Homemade Goodness. Nothing is more satisfying than making your own meal – to your fancy; and indulging in it.


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