Happiness In Neon

Blog Neon Yellow

Browsing through youtube, I chanced upon the First Lady dressed in similar colours and loved it (Her sportsmanship and her outfit, that is!)
An outfit that screams you aren’t afraid to have fun – neons can positively impact your mood!

Earrings // Have been on my wish list for ages!
Bracelets // Loving the embroidery detail and this set would lend its colours to brighten any outfit
Trousers // Investment staple. Enough said
Boots // My go-to boots – just a little height in the great grey hue
Blouse // Neon, slouch piece to dress up or down – add a silver belt and pencil skirt to be executive-appropriate
Cookies // Click to discover their clever branding!
Bag // JCrew, you have done it once again!



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