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Wonderful Wood Works. Some haul-it-along Chupa Chups carrier invention, a beech-y yet smile-y kitchen accessory (Get it?! 😀 Guffaws), a solid yet springy cushion made of wood by Mary Dickerson and some handmade (and customisable) wooden keyboards.

Amazing stuff that not only embraces creativity but sustainability!

blog monsters uni
Monsters U. First “Boo” and now, this?! Lovingggg Pixar’s creations! This 2013 film is created as a prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc.
Be impressed – MU – Complete with University WWW site and a uni video. Enough said.

P1010338 P1010341
La Braceria’s homemade cheesecake

Christmas meal complete with stuffed turkey, roasted pumpkins, potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Comfort food – Tortilla chips with minestrone soup.

Homemade NYE meal: Salad, gourmet sausages, clam chowder and grilled salmon.

Family meals. Loving time spent with loved ones over yummy meals – homemade or not.
On a sidenote, if you reside in Singapore and have not tried La Braceria, please scurry there now to have a taste of their truffle risotto and polish off the meal with their homemade cheesecake (Photos 1/2). Slurps.

La Braceria
5 Greendale Avenue
Singapore 289501
6465 5918


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