365 Days

Origami Origami1 Origami3 Origami2
Loving this 366-day project of Origami Art by Marie Cruz. (Ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”)

Brings back fond memories of skipping recess meals and buying origami paper from the bookshop behind the school canteen in primary school. Indulging in this traditional Japanese art (17th century!) of paper folding with what little pocket money I was given. I thoroughly enjoyed being sucked into the following the instructions behind the paper packages and folding up a storm.

365 days may seem infinitely long to some but on December 31st when we’re counting down to the new year and reflecting about the year that will soon be history, 365 days may seem unsettlingly short. So do something out of the ordinary today and let live the day, which you only have 1 shot at!


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