… that would be my appetite for Pierre Hermé – A blissful 10 in a sitting; and I plan to re-write that personal record.

I always believed macarons were art forms not just in their creation but also the flavours. Eating them in the usual chocolates and berries would be a sin and flavours such as cassis and caramel are normally shunned. Although I always select my staples of rose and jasmine olive oil, the real fun happens at Pierre Hermé where the flavours are as wonderful as Willy Wonka’s insane creations.

Famous for its incredible parfums of macarons, the artisan patisserie launched the 2013 ‘Les Jardins’ collection, which may possibly top my all-time favourites (The staple Rose, Strawberries & Wasabi, Truffle, Mandarin & Olive Oil)

1: Valentine’s Special – Jasmine tea cream, mango compote, house candied grapefruit
2: Lime & Red berries

Now, all I need to actually do, is taste them.


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