3 Thumbs Up

Kitchen Ware Fun. I have grand ideas about what my future kitchen would be stocked with – I’d definitely enjoy a cuppa with these fun moustache glasses and dunking my Oreo’s in them. Imagine your guests drinking from these and you enjoying the view 😀

Chambre de Sucre. It was love at first sight for me – These gourmet sugars are so pretty (understatement) and simply art creations. With 270 years of history and even providing the Royal Family in Japan with their sugars since the Shogun period, the choices of sucres available are mind-blowing to say the least. I especially love the “about us” on their site – such a lovely story with creative and heartwarming people.

Best Treats Ever. It’s finally coming to town now. No longer do I have to load up on it overseas! Maybe I can beat my eat 6-at-a-go feat (: CANNOT WAIT!
All Singapore needs now is Pierre Hermes macarons.

3 Thumbs up for almost-Fridays!!


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