Trend: Dots

Remember when dots were only relegated to the genre of “retro” and “old-school”?
With the recycling of fashion, seems like it has joined their in-trend cousins once again.
Of course designs and styles have been revamped and tweaked but dots are still your star of the show, stealing the limelight.

No longer old-fashioned, here are some options that I’ wear in a heartbeat! Guess the key would be to avoid an overkill on them but a splatter of dots in your outfit will work, if done tastefully.

And yes, including those crazy-fun socks that I wish I could get my hands on!

1. Painted Dots Tank by Quiksilver
Hot Dot Ruffled Silk Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs
3. Bow to Stern Scarf in Coral Dots by Modcloth
4. Bow Back-at-ya! by Mustard & mint
5. Dots Split Sock by Happy Socks
6. Polka Dot Bangle Sets by Forever21
7. Maxi Twiggy M Polka Dots Tempete by Balenciaga
8. Cascading Dot Scarf by Juicy Couture
9. Polka Dot Sneakers by Keds for Madewell


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