In one of my older blog posts from the Junior College days, I wrote about my oddest habit of observing people’s shoes. Well, then comes the observation of nails on guys, lengths of eyelashes on girls, length of trousers and the type of rings people have. A non-exhaustive list.

Before you write me off as a crazy stalker, just understand that I internalise those thoughts and never act on them (: But at the table, I find it ridiculously difficult to quell the comments running through my head. Not to sound xenophobic but a certain trait from a certain somewhere makes me cringe! I’d call it my pet peeves – chewing with your mouth open and with the saliva smacking sound and elbows in my space!

I grinned silly reading this illustrated series titled “How to Eat Dinner” from Gemma Correll for A Cup of Jo on table etiquette and thought I’d share.

Happy Thursday, all! (: (And greetings from the land of smiles! *rubs hands in anticipation!*)


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