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New Reads. If you are my friend, you should know I am a voyeur. With Wendy’s lookbook, I’ve found a new eye-candy of sorts! Her style and outfits are amazing (for a lack of a better word!)  – I love that her pants are skinnies or they end at the ankles – Just the way I love them! Now to hunt down that black, structured, flare midi!
Gemma Correll. She had me at the-homepage. Just take a look at her site… because anything I say wouldn’t be enough to justify her awesomeness. (:

Futurefuture. They have the mantra: custom is the new vintage. Very cool (: Accessories, furniture or art. Very very cool (: (Can you tell I’m mesmerised?)

Mustard & mint FB. Loving the updates and the more intimate interaction with those we love and who love us! (:

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