So, the Bean told me that Saveur recently relocated to Purvis Street (originally at Alibaba eating house in Katong) and i was so excited! I’d been telling people about this hidden french gem for a while now but it was kinda a little out of the way. Anyways hurrah it’s so accessible now so I just had to bring the girls there for dinner (sorry for those who missed out 😦 we missed you too!)

Foie Gras (Bad angle, I know. But it was delish!)

Angelhair pasta with tiger prawn (what a clever way to start a meal!)

Duck Confit. (This was like what, 8.90$? gasp.)

My Barramundi with grilled potatoes. smackerrrrrrsss

I think we kinda tornado-ed through our dinner, wiping out everything in minutes hahaha. I had a great night with yall and Again, i would recommend Saveur to anyone who loves a good meal at (VERY) affordable prices. (:

Saveur is situated at :

5 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584


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