3 Thumbs Up!

 Donuts from Ikea. Even typing this is making me salivate. Soft and chewy on the outside, with a burst of chocolatey goodness on the inside. Served slightly chilled so it is just the way I like my donuts. Nom. Even better than the taste and texture? It is the price – 2SGD for 4 mini’s. I need a fix real soon.

Photography from the top/ Photography Blogs. Somehow I’m intrigued. Especially for special occassions; photography from the top gives a different perspective and seems surreal to me. And of course, photography blogs. Just like interior design, a good one keeps me reading for hours.

Vintage – Garance Doré. It is without a doubt that she is an amazing illustrator and that itself sets her apart from other bloggers. She’s doing a Vintage Posts series – posting posts from 2007 etc. Love reading them; these vintage posts (hers, others or even my own) are a treat to read and give insight to the frames of mind atthat point in time.


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