Review: Clarisonic Plus

Being a girl has its perks.. and its qualms.
One perk would definitely be the ability to sit still for hours, surfing up sites and reading reviews on anything and everything beauty-related.

I adore reviews and in recent years, find myself scrambling to google a product before sinking my funds into them – nail varnishes, skin care, make up and of course, the very raved Clarisonic.

The Brand
Clarisonic: from the Pacific Bioscience Laboratories
Family of engineers, researchers and primary inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush

The Product
– Sonic skin cleansing system
– Patented system
– 300 movements per second, in 60 seconds removes up to 6x more makeup and cleans 2x more effectively (removes oil and dirt) than manual cleansing. (Learn more here!)

I’m reviewing the Clarisonic Plus – Which will allow for usage on BOTH face and body!
See the comparisn between the Mia, Classic, Plus and Pro here.
My Clarisonic Plus Bliss Set consisted of:

  • Clarisonic PLUS skin care brush
  • Charging cradle
  • Deep pore brush head
  • Body brush head
  • Sensitive brush head
  • 6.6 fl oz bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
  • 16 fl oz bliss Lemon+Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash+Bubbling Bath
  • 6.7 fl oz bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter

The Review
Packaging: Shipped from the US, Products were nicely wrapped and boxed up
Brush heads come with the protective, click-on plastic covers – Good for when you’re switching brushes and don’t want the unused ones to be collecting dusts.

Product Loves: I used this in line with the Lancome Blanc Expert cleanser (Mentioned here), twice daily. Disclaimer would be I have slight oily skin, at times combination. Main problems were the (sometimes) angry pimples before and after that time of month and fine bumps due to excess sebum production.

– This toothbrush for your face has proven results since friends have commented the improvement in my skin!
– Clearer skin/ less visible mini bumps due to oily skin and excess sebum production especially on the T-zone.
– Love that it massages my face in the mornings to rid (however minimally) the dreaded water retention and also in the evenings – thorough cleansing of makeup.
– Each run cycle lasts 3 mins with beeps in between the cycle to indicate for a change in the section of your face to cleanse. (Pardon my sentence structure! All these cough meds are making me woozy!)
– Completely safe to use in the shower – whole tool is safe to be dunked in a tub of water!
– Rechargeable + interchangeable heads mean you can share the tool with everyone at home just by changing the brush head!
– Easy to clean – just soap + water

Product Qualms:
– It is pricey – Sephora SG Sells the tool itself at 300SGD a pop but equivalently, gets you a nifty set (Pictured above, with cost inclusive of shipping and handling to SG)
– The brush heads are pricey too! A recommended change of every 3 months means it’ll set you back about 45 SGD
– Some reviews have mentioned how regular usage of the tool would minimise pore size and even fine lines but the former is only to a small extent as personally observed.
– Friends have mentioned tiny bumps surfacing on their skin upon usage but it didn’t happen to me and have read that these are just your reaction to the purging of impurities of your skin and over continued usage, they clear up!

I must say shipping my entire purchase from QVC meant i managed to try some of Bliss raved products, albeit I wanted the Philosophy set more (OOS!)
But overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase – My skin has greately improved! I got to pick my Clarisonic Plus’s colour – light pink and saved myself some money as compared to purchasing directly from Sephora SG.


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