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CATHERINE ZETA-JONES photo | Catherine Zeta-Jones

Guilty Pleasures. Which for me, encompasses a whole lot of things. But amongst them, since I’m a well, voyeur, I thoroughly enjoy my share of celebrity news. People.com, dailymail.co.uk etc. I mean, when you’ve headlines like “Best Body After Baby” and “Sexiest Man Smackdown at the Globes”? Brainless, entertaining and easy on the eyes (sometimes!).

Btw, isn’t that the most gorgeous of greens?

Ladurée’s Merveilleuses. They may come in second best for macarons to Pierre Hermé, but they sure do market research well and understand that the Japanese, and well, women in general, have a soft spot for all things pretty! Check out their Japan-only make-up collaboration with cosmetic brand; Albion. To sell foundations, blush and lip colours inspired by their famous sweets.


Milestones. A 4-day medical leave, an emergency pet surgery and many other hospital visits later, I’m a little more contemplative than usual. A little more reflective; trying to be a little more sensitive. Here’s to a better year of good health and happiness to all!


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