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  Lights. Fairy lights are one of the many things that make me smile. And this week, I’ve been staring at pretty images of them, coupled with others that represent Christmas time to me.
Shanghai; Winter 2011 / London; Winter 2010
creative gift wrap
Gift Wrapping. Presentation has always captivated me. I will always love the brown paper packages tied up in string but at times, it’s precious to receive something, when you can see how much effort and patience has gone into it’s presentation. In addition to Martha Stewart’s (always) amazing gift wrapping ideas, the above two are mighty fine ideas that I can’t wait to try out!

Mustard & mint. Finally! Mustard & mint is up and running. It is a frightening, joyous and fulfilling journey and for everyone and anyone who has contributed, loved, fought with the wind, supported in any way possible, a deep, heartfelt gratitude.
If you’re curious or like what you see, items are for sale here.
For more enquiries, please mail to: info@mustardandmint.com

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