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Effortless Chic & Neutrals. That has been my go-to palette for the past week. I love how the  photo also portrays style, casual fun and comfort! On the side (HA!), try the chic chignon to dress up the party outfits.

La Garconne.
Great site! Not just because it’s pleasant to the eye but there’s something so clean and chic about it. Not to mention the amazing gift ideas for the season! Understated but good!

Abercrombie & Fitch, Singapore. Well yes, because who does not enjoy a hot bod or two. Especially in the sweltering heat. I have not seen that many 6 (or well,8 ) packs lined side by side in my life and yes, I shall proceed to wipe this grin off my face now. But if you havent’ heard: These hot bods will be loving the attention till Thurs, 15th December, Orchard Knightsbridge!


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