The Help

Based on the 2009 bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett, The Help, enticed me not just because of the storyline but the costumes! Yes, this did induce some crying on the plane, which was mighty embarrassing but it was well worth it! If you haven’t caught it, please do! If not for the slightly cliched storyline, watch it for the talents and the costumes!

Set in the 1960s, I just adore all the dresses and outfits! Some more than others but in general; the modest yet sensual neckline as the collar bone peaks out of the dresses, the trimmed waists and full midi skirts, the A-line pencil skirts with the button down mandarin collar blouses, the sleeves that end just a inch or two above the elbows, the cardigans and belts at the natural waist. Best of all, the ankle grazers in loud pops of colours! IĀ could go on and on but to sum it all up, I LOVE the 60’s fashion! So simple, so feminine, so… classic chic!

P.S./ Hello, from Shanghai! I almost forgot how much I enjoy the numbness of my cheeks from the cold!


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