Roll In Your Head In the Sun

Impromptu Series ahead (:

This is what we would have been doing 5 hours from now if not for that big mishap! But it’s okay, Lene is gonna be jetsetting and having the coolest week ahead (HAVE AN AWESOME TRIP LENE!!!), while I’m embarking on my sweeeet well deserved break, super psyched (Think : No monday blues + tuesday greys)!

I’ve been meaning to cycle since forever. The last time i got on the bike was a year and a half ago at Central Park, where cajun mold and myself totally underestimated the size of that whole place. It felt like 20 kilometers or something? We ended up having aching calves and thighs for the rest of our nyc days later on.

Blueberry Muffins + Earl Grey Tea delight nomnomnom

Pretty tree that caught my eye — Taken at Dempsey.

Well have a fabulous weekend ahead everyone!

all pictures courtesy of mandyq


One thought on “Roll In Your Head In the Sun

  1. aww missing the NYC times already. but i tot we looked quite chic in our bike gear. and ITS CENTRAL PARK afterall. ❤

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